After the loss of the 1st World, the AJM Minecraft server started up quickly again with a new world. The focus of this server was different and focused on "local." The first town was Grand Junction built by AJM. Every player owned a house in the town and worked the land, or did jobs to earn money. The money was used to buy goods at local stores or from other players, and quickly caught on as a very fun server, instead of expansion like the previous one.

Map of 2nd World as of 2014.

River Bend was built to be the largest city on the server, and was connected by road and rail to Grand Junction. Rapid River, Heremus, and Mozama were a few other towns built. Soon thereafter, Port Frost, which became the most popular town to live in was built. Westport became the new biggest city on the server, as new towns expanded southward. Frontier Valley was built as a halfway point to the further south communities, Southpoint and Hoth. Business and real estate bustled and people bought land and ran businesses.

A popular sport called Snowdrift was formed in which players would dig up snow beneath another player and try to be the last one standing on a snow island without falling to the depths below. It became so popular that arena's were built in the major cities on the server. River Bend, Westport, and Southpoint are home to the Snowdrift arenas in the world.

A rail route was built to Southpoint via the longest bridge system ever built on the server. It crosses a large sea to the tiny town of Hoth on Hoth Island. From there a highway connects to Southpoint. Both towns are in a arctic tundra. A highway was built soon built along the west side becoming the longest highway ever built on the server. From Southpoint to Westport, it takes over 25 minutes to walk, but the route actually goes to the furthest north location of Riverbend, which would increase the time to even longer.

August of 2012 had the River Bend 2012 Olympics take place. Snowdrift was re-tooled and arena's retrofitted with a new set up. Instead of falling into lava, the areas instead implemented deep pits the player fell into. Many new cities continued to be constructed as well as improvements of roads, signs, and government entities such as counties. Two notable major cities introduced were Rockwell and Timberline.

Early to mid 2013 saw the rise of nation states take place.  The development of 4 new nations took place from January to August.

Nations / Government EntitiesEdit

Nation Capital Largest Settlement
Nation of Aurum (NOA) Paramount Rockwell
Nation of Telmar (NOT) Avalon Eastwood
Land of Evereska (LOE) Amandil Amandil
Nation of Lurue (NOL) Skyholm Skyholm
Kingdom of Miroin (KOM) Triralian Triralian
Nation of New Plymouth (NONP) Jamestown Jamestown

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