3rd World is the third AJM STUDIOS Minecraft community started in early 2018. It was started by Alex and AJM. Unlike previous server world's, 3rd world is much more rural and natural and possibly in an old time period. Some modern amenities exist, but much of the world is less developed simply being based off of native villages already in place. Roads are more crude often relying simply on dirt roads or horse for travel. There is no form of mass transit or rail. The largest transport system outside of roads and horse travel is the boat system which goes to some further away locations.

History Edit

The 3rd world was created in early 2018 by Alex and AJM and started as a survival server unlike previous servers. Everything was done by hand. The first settlement had no name for quite awhile until and starts as nothing more then a farm with a home within a cave. The community eventually became known as haven Valley.

Haven Valley was the starting point of all further exploration. Exploration first went east where the town of Riverwood was found. Following rivers explorers stumbled upon Ravensreach and went back northwest and found Timberline. More exploration took place north and Chandlers Cove was found as well as oceanic exploration along the coasts and the founding of Grand Rock Island. Exploration founded Forest Cove as a roadhouse and finally the native village of Trio. Further south exploration from Ravensreach, native villages of Stallion Valley and Grand Sierra were discovered. Exploration behind these points are limited as the society then took forth at forming primitive forms of government, most in the sense of localized leadership through county governments.

Government and Settlements Edit

County seat or head of government is denoted by asterisk.

Entity Settlement Other
Central County
Forest Cove
Haven Valley *
Heron County
Chandlers Cove *
Maldoras County
Grand Sierra *
Messina County
Stallion Valley *
Timber County
Spruce City
Timberwood *
Trio County
Trio *

Grand Sierra town