Armed Forces of Lurue
L17 Jackal tanks of the Lurean Army.
Vital statistics
Type Government
Level Military
Location Nation of Lurue, 2nd World
Inhabitants Soldiers
 The Armed Forces of Lurue are the main military force for the Nation of Lurue.  The military serves as peace keeping and defense force for the Nation of Lurue.  They intercept inside and outside threats to the nation and try to solve any lingering the problems.  The army is broken up into different divisions.



Armed Forces of Lurue Military

Lurue Navy


Military bases are located in strategic locations throughout the Nation of Lurue.

Base Location Photo
Fort Bowie Lurue Desert near Skyholm


Vehicle Type Photo
TT-2 Jax Troop Transport
L-3A Talon Light Tank
L17 Jackal Main Battle Tank
L/D-9 Reigar Heavy Anti-Tank
Cruiser Patrol Boat


On March 25th, 2014,  a merchant ship sent a distress call picked up by the Telmar Navy Service, and this information was relayed to all the emergency services surrounding the Rarad Sea.  

The first emergency crews were sent from the Grand Evereskan Army Maritime Force which began searching along their coastline.  

The Nation of Aurum sent the Nation of Aurum Navy ship, Albatross to the scene, taking a day to get there.  Officials from the Nation of Aurum Defense and the Armed Forces of Lurue were aboard the ship.  

The Nation of Telmar, The Kingdom of Miroin, and the Nation of New Plymouth did not send search crews in this event.  The Nation of New Plymouth acknowledged the event, but said they could not send resources at that time.

On day one, the Evereskan search crew had clear weather to search.  By day two, when the Nation of Aurum Navy arrived, it began to storm.  The Nation of Aurum Navy and Armed Forces of Lurue personnel worked closely together following the Kingdom of Miroin coastline and then following the Land of Evereska coastline.  After a thorough search along the Rarad Sea, Evereskan officials declared the search off after not finding anything by day three.  Early morning of day four, after a night of searching, The Nation of Aurum Navy found the sunken ship just hundreds of feet from the Land of Evereska coastline.  Crews from The Nation of Aurum Navy and the Armed Forces of Lurue sent divers into the wreckage and found no survivors.  The ship was called "Missle Queene."  The Grand Evereskan Army Maritime Force and leader was not too happy that other nations found the wreckage right off their coastline and that they could not, and denounced how the history books may record this event in Aurum's and Lurue's favor.