Bell, Northern Country
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 3
Location Northern Country
Inhabitants Unknown
Bell was a town located west of Rubicon and east of Sumner Valley.  The town is part of Nothern Country and has an important highway and railway running through town.  The town was established and constructed by AJM.

Bell is well known for it's technicolored homes and bridge that connects the town to other landmasses.  Across a channel of water from Bell is the small town of Holden.  The area is often simply referred to as Bell-Holden.

Originally the town had a train station, but it was removed sometime later and replaced by a central train depot inbetween Holden and Bell on the other side of the water channel.  This made connection from Holden quicker and easier.  Bell residents were none too happy about the move, but still managed to grow as they saw their downtown grow to include a thriving business street, small police station, town hall, a church, a hotel, and medical clinic.


Map of Bell and Holden.