Braveshield, Cavari Kingdom
Artists drawing of Braveshield.
Vital statistics
Type City
Level 4
Location Cavari Kingdom, 1st World
Inhabitants Citizens
Braveshield was the largest city and capital of the Cavari Kingdom located in 1st World.  The city was the economic heart of the Cavari Kingdom and houses the kingdom's government.


Bravesheild was originally a small settlement at the foot of the Cavari Castle built east on a large overhang cliff face.  Early history is mostly unknown, but the settlement led the charge for advancement and technology within the kingdom.  

City ServicesEdit

The city was home to the Cavari Kingdom government and home to the capitol building, which was the Cavari Castle.  The city had a large central police headquarters for the national police force, a large hospital, and other services.

Along the riverfront the city has a large hotel.  The city's main street is filled with shops, restaurants and businesses and lead up to the entrance of the pathway to the Cavari Castle.


The Cavari Castle is by far the largest landmark in the city but can not be seen from the city itself.  

Cavari Castle is located on a ridge over Braveshield.

A large pit dubbed "the pit" was located to the southwest of the city.  For a long time it was not fenced off, but recently the city fenced off the pit.


The Cavari Loop Highway runs through the city center and loops around to the rest of the nation.  There is no rail within the Cavari Kingdom.