Canvas Bay, Nation of Telmar
Canvas Bay is connected to East Tulane Lake.
Vital statistics
Type Geography
Level Lake Bay
Location Emmerich, Genze County, Nation of Telmar, 2nd World
Inhabitants Unknown
Canvas Bay is a bay at the northeast corner of East Tulane Lake.  The bay is surrounded by the town of Emmerich in the Nation of Telmar in 2nd World.


Canvas Bay is a recreational area within East Tulane Lake.  The town of Emmerich uses the lake as a tourist boon and supports several docks and recreational activities.  Along the west end of the bay are several luxury homes, docks, and parks.  Then orthern portion of the bay is dominated by Emmerich's business district.  The eastern portion remains mostly undeveloped except for the Telmarine Highway which runs by the bay. Tucker Mountain provides a dominant backdrop to the bay.