Cavari Kingdom
Cavari Kingdom Castle.
Vital statistics
Type Government Entity
Level Free Kingdom / Country
Location 1st World
Inhabitants Cavarrians
The Cavari Kingdom was a country in 1st World.  Their capital and largest city was Braveshield.  The kingdom was known for their landmark Cavari Castle and rural countryside as well as folk tales of dark hidden culture known for mysticism.  The kingdom was often regarded as a mostly working class society that lived hard lives in rough climates.


The Cavari Kingdom is a newer kingdom filled with an ancient culture.  Folk lore of the early kingdom are well known including dark tales of a secret thieves guild that formed and continued to run in Desperation Bay.  Early shrines and ruins dot the nation and point to an early culture that thrived around the Desperation Bay area.  Explorers have found elaborate cave systems and underground routes that went all around Desperation Bay and into the mountains nearby.

Braveshield was home to the Cavari Castle which was built by early members of the kingdom on top of a unique land formation.  The castle was marked as a historic landmark and was being preserved by the government.  It still housed military operations for the nation.


The kingdom had three incorporated settlements and two unincoporated settlements far to the north that were nothing more then a military post and mine camp.  Braveshield was the capital and largest city and home to the only hospital in the kingdom.



Desperation Bay


A highway system encircled the entire kingdom and connected to the Frontier Highway.  Karah was the closest town to the kingdom located slightly northeast of Desperation Bay.  

Military / Law EnforcementEdit

The Cavari Kingdom military provided tight enforcement of the kingdoms borders with border stations heavily guarded and fenced around the Desperation Bay station.  Another station was located at the north end of the kingdom borders which had a permanently run military post at the crossing.  The Cavari Kingdom military was often considered the second most powerful military in 1st World or at least tied with that of the Jadeon Kingdom.

The Cavari Kingdom had a national police force known as the Cavari Kingdom National Police.  Their headquarters and main jail was located in Braveshield.  They had a large station located in Desperation Bay, an outpost in Brisburton and a small post located near a bar and mine in the north country.