Congress, Northern Country
Vital statistics
Type Capital City
Level 5
Location Northern Country
Inhabitants Citizens
Congress was the large capital city of Northern Country in 1st World.


The city of Congress was located in a lush and lightly forested valley, with a lake to the north.  The downtown core of the city was located within the valley as continued to expand closer to the lake to the north.  On the western and eastern flanks, homes dotted the hillsides.  To the south, the Congress - Davis Highway went through lush valleys to connect to Davis and the rest of the Rubicon Metro Area.


The city was founded and platted by USAPatriot.  After a small town core was formed, buildings quickly were built up on all sides, and city planners began to set up districts.  At this time, Northern Country officials felt that Rubicon was no longer the ideal city for government, since the city lacked space.  So Congress promised an entire district for government buildings.  After building an impressive capitol building and a large campus of buildings for the government to move into, the capital of Northern Country moved from Rubicon to Congress.

There was outcry right away, as many claimed Congress was too far away from the center of Northern Country's heart.  It was true that Congress was far out of the way and too the north, but officials did all they could to make this move a relvant one.  Government officials quickly approved of a rail route to connect Congress to Davis and Rubicon.  It would be built underground in a modern tunnel system.  The government also approved of further expansion north and west.  Much to the surprise of the government, people chose to head west instead of north first, so development north of Congress was slow.  The rail route and expansion north were not completed before the server crash.


The Congress - Davis Highway is the main road into Congress.  It is a high capacity highway .

There were plans to build a rail route that connected Congress to the rest of the rail system but it was not finished before the server crash.  A rail system was in the city though and connected to a nearby mines to the west for quite some ways.

City ServicesEdit

Congress was ranked in the top three for shopping and services in 1st World.  The downtown had a massive array of shopping including big chain stores like A Mart, grocery stores like Downtown Grocery and numerous other choices.  Located at the north end of the city was the one and only indoor shopping mall in 1st World, the Congress Shopping Center.  

Congress had a large government complex located slightly southwest of downtown that includes the city hall, nations capital, municipal and national police headquarters, and various other government branches like the transportation, health, and education departments.  There were two fire stations in the city.

Congress was home to Congress General Hospital located at the east end of the city.

Congress Metro AreaEdit

Unlike other major cities in Northern Country, Congress did not have any suburban towns surrounding it.  It was all by itself, but had sprawling residential areas to the west, south, and portions of the east.

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