Conlis, Nation of Telmar
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 4
Location Genze County, Nation of Telmar, 2nd World
Inhabitants Citizens
Conlis is a town in the Nation of Telmar along the border of the Nation of Aurum in 2nd World.  Conlis was the first developed settlement in the Nation of Telmar.  The town shares the Union Border Crossing with the Nation of Aurum town, Union.  The town is also the southern terminus of the Telmarine Highway.  Conlis is considered a regional hub for the south end of the nation.  Conlis is located in Genze County.


Conlis was the first official settlement to be built in what was to become the Nation of Telmar.  There has been no evidence of aboriginal people at the current site of the town.  The town prospered after the formation of Union to the south.  The towns competed for dominence, but with more growth room, Union prospered and got the ever important rail station that connected it to Rockwell.  The Union Border Crossing was built by the Nation of Aurum and the two nations now share this peaceful border with one another.

Conlis has a compact downtown due to the limited land to grow from, and has many bigger city services due to it's remoteness to the rest of the Nation of Telmar.  Also competing with Union helped the city develop many important services.


Conlis has several services, being the only town in the southern portions of the Nation of Telmar until Emmerich.  Located in town is the Nation of Telmar Border Services which has a office at the Union Border Crossing and a separate border patrol station in main town.

The town is home to a school.

Conlis has a municipal police department as well as a large jail within the station.

The Conlis Regional Medical Facility is the largest hospital in the southern part of the nation until Eastwood.


Despite it's compact size, Conlis has a wide range of goods for citizens and tavellers crossing the border, even though supplies cost more then in the Nation of Aurum.

  • Allied Postal Service
  • Bardin's Recherche Goods
  • Beren's Hardware
  • Catcher In The Dye Shop
  • Conlis Border Inn
  • Ezekial's Bread Shop
  • Highway Armoury
  • Housewares and More
  • On The Border Cafe and Bakeshop
  • Rand's Supermarket
  • Sam's Quick-Stop Food Market
  • Tilled Earth Plant Shop
  • Wash's Navigation and Travel Shop


Conlis is home to the Eternal Flame of Union sculpture located at the Union Border Crossing.

Borderview Park is located in town and looks at the town of Union and the Nation of Aurum.