Conlis Range, Nation of Telmar
Mt. Conlis in the Conlis Range.
Vital statistics
Type Geography
Level Mountain Range
Location Genze County, Nation of Telmar, 2nd World
Inhabitants Various
The Conlis Range is a small, low lying, east to west mountain range in souther Genze County, Nation of Telmar.  It makes a natural border for the Nation of Telmar and the Nation of Aurum for a majority of the border boundary.  At the west end of the range, the town of Conlis sits at it's base with the Telmarine Highway making a small pass over the range.  At the east, the range lowers into the Marin Sea.

Climate and GeographyEdit

The mountain range is not very high, as the highest peak, Mount Conlis, is only 31 blocks above sea level.  The western portion of the mountain range and tapers off the further east it heads.  It is not connected to or a part of the much larger Drumcarbon Mountain.  The entire mountain range is snow covered and features a cold, cool climate.