Cordova River
Vital statistics
Type Geographic
Level River
Location Rockwell County, Cordova County, Nation of Aurum, 2nd World
Inhabitants Water Stuff
The Cordova River is an important river located in the Nation of Aurum.  The head waters are located north east of Rockwell and flow through Bishop Canal out into Tulane Lake by the town of Bishop.  The river traverses two counties, Rockwell County and Cordova County.

River CourseEdit

The head waters are located in a snowy region north east of Rockwell.  The river then flows westward into the city of Rockwell.  The river provides a boundary for Rockwell County and Cordova County.  The river then meanders northwest through the Bishop Canal and north past the town of Bishop where it empties into Tulane Lake.


There are two settlements along the Cordova River.  The largest is the city of Rockwell which has a river port along the river.  At the river mouth is the small community of Bishop.

Bishop CanalEdit

The Bishop Canal is a large canal near the mouth of the Cordova River.  The project cut through a mountain and re-routed the river past the town of Bishop.  Dredging made the river deeper and allowed for a more successful and quicker trade up river.  The canal was built to benefit Rockwell for it's river trade, now giving it quicker access to Tulane Lake and connection to a wide range of water routes.