Council County, Northern Country
Council County seat of Port Orman.
Vital statistics
Type Government Entity
Level County Government
Location Northern Country, 1st World
Inhabitants Unknown

Council County was a government entity in 1st World that became consumed by Northern Country.  The county seat was Port Orman.  Council County was the first government entity to be created in 1st World and was established by USAPatriot.


The first expansion beyond what would later become called Fort Nick was Port Orman.  Expansion east from Port Orman saw the rise of Cross Valley.  The two communities formed a the first government district and government entity in 1st World naming it Council County.  It was recognized for being the most orderly area in 1st World.  Quickly other areas followed suit including Newfield County which grew very close relations with Council County.  Later on, County Cavan followed suit.

Port Orman prospered as an area of trade and jumping off point for people planning to explore eastward and south.  It was the main gateway to County Cavan and soon became a popular route to Newfield County connecting Port Orman to Ruby Beach.

Northern Country was formed out of Council County in Port Orman.  It was decided that Rubicon and Port Orman would form a treaty to become one government entity.  Council County would still exist as a district within Northern Country and it did.  Rubicon then became the capital city of the newly formed Northern Country until eventually that status was passed along to the city of Congress.  

While Council County became part of Northern Country, it still retained it's distance and often seemed like a world away from the hustle and bustle of Rubicon, Seahurst, and Congress far away.  


The first road and highway ever built was the Port Orman Highway which ran east to west.  The highway went from Fort Nick to Port Orman, then continued east through the Forestwood Territorial Park to Cross Valley.  It was the most travelled road early on in world history.  Roads and highways branch out in all directions from Port Orman.  

Rail serivice was an important part of infrastructure in Council County.  A rail line from Fort Nick connected directly underground to the train station in Port Orman and was one of the most used rail stations in 1st World.

In Cross Valley, and elevated mine cart system ran around the mountain tops surrounding the town and was a one of a kind for the world.  It became a tourist destination and helped formulate how to construct rail systems through the rest of the world.

Shipping and boats are a very important part of Council County with a ferry depot run by the Northern Country Ferry Service in Port Orman's Harborside District.  Port Orman had two major ports, one on the south side of town, and one on the north end waterfront.  There was also a large marina the the southeast end of town.  Port Orman was surrounded by the Orman Sea on three out of four sides.


There were two settlements in Council County.  The county seat and largest city was Port Orman.  To the east was Cross Valley.