County Cavan
The county seat, Cavan.
Vital statistics
Type Government Entity
Level Free County State
Location 1st World
Inhabitants Cavanites
County Cavan was a government entity in 1st World.  It was formed and established by Amurray.  Bordering to the north was Northern Country and Council County.  To the west was Newfield County.  The county seat was Cavan.  The largest town was Drumcarbon.

County Cavan was a rural area that primarily small towns and villages along a lush coastline.  The region was given the designation as to having the worst road system in 1st World because so many roads had no signs and there was very little directions to get to any town.  County Cavan did have a underground rail system that connected all three towns within the county as well as the city-state nation of Entrana.  It did not connect to the civilized world to the west and north that the majority of people lived.

The county had two medical facilities.  One was located in Anders Bay and the other in Drumcarban.  The County Cavan Marshal's Office was headquartered in Cavan and served as the only law enforcement entity in the county.

Anders Bay was home to a landmark church.


Anders Bay