Cross Valley, Council County, Northern Country
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 2
Location Council County, Northern Country
Inhabitants Unknown
Cross Valley was a town and valley located in Council County, Northern Country.  The town was the furthest southeast town within Northern Country and was a short walk through the Forestwood Territorial Forest from Port Orman.


Cross Valley was established by USAPatriot who discovered the valley after looking for new land to expand east from Port Orman.  He naturally found a giant cross up on a cliff face and named the whole valley below after it.  Cross Valley is surrounded by steep mountains and forest on all sides, except the a small section of the northern half of town which faces the sea.

The town is mostly all homes except for a few shops, general store, a hotel, and community church.  Policing was done by the Council County Territorial Police, then later the Council County Sheriff's Office and Northern Country Police.


Nick built a rail system around the mountains above Cross Valley for unknown reasons, but it eventually became known as a tourist attraction that would use it like a rollercoaster.

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