Crossbridge, Land of Evereska
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 1
Location land of Evereska, 2nd World
Inhabitants Citizens
Crossbridge is a town in the Land of Evereska.  Crossbridge, the town of stone, is named after it's first structure, a bridge with a four way crosspoint. In addition to this, the town is home the first official store built in the Land of Evereska, a town meeting center, which contained the first approaches at a government in the nation, a schoolhouse, houses, and a stable.


The is no law enforcement office in Crossbridge, and no medical center.

Town Meeting Center

The upper level of the Crossbridge General Store is home to the Town Meeting Center. Here, the citizens of the town can file their complaints, comments, or concerns, using provided books and quills, and store them in an adjascent chest to be reviewed and discussed by the governing villagers. There is also a podium and gathering area in which citizens can call a meeting to discuss their concerns, should all necessary individuals be available. 

Crossbridge Schoolhouse

The Crossbridge Schoolhouse is modeled closely after the Rialian Schoolhouse, featuring several paintings and bookshelves. 

Crossbridge Stables

The Crossbridge Stables is fully equipped for 4-6 horses, including storage trunks containing the materials necessary to create leads.


Crossbridge General Store

This is the first official store to be built in the Land of Evereska. The store sells several basic items for the villagers to purchase, including food, armor, and miscellaneous items.