Curly Tail, Sventopia
Vital statistics
Type City
Level 3
Location Sventopia
Inhabitants Unknown
Curly Tail is the capital and largest city in Sventopia. Besides the downtown, all residential homes were the traditional Svenling fur hut.

Even though designated a city, in terms of services and infrastructure, Curly Tail lacked much that other cities in the world had, which is why the rating is that of an average town status, level 3. There were no known police services, medical services, or school institutions within the city or the country.  Very few roads where in Curly Tail, and the ones that existed were made of gravel or cobblestone.  Most residents simply walked the sand to their residents.  The biggest achievements within the town were the Svenling Statue, the pier, the parliment building, and the two storey Curly Tail Hotel.  There was a manual rail route that ended up in the city.

Downtown Curly Tail had the biggest buildings in all of Sventopia including a two storey hotel and parliment building.  There were a few shops in downtown, for residents to purchase items from.  Arguably Curly Tail's downtown core looks more like more "civilized" areas of the world because of pressures and influences from places like Northern Country which had major influence in creating change within the Svenling culture.  While homes were typical in Svenling hut style, commercial buildings were inspired by the modern cities and structures of Northern Country, except built by the Svenling race.  Many would argue they were shoddy looking buildings and would never pass as modern anywhere else except within their own country.