Downtown Davis skyline.
Vital statistics
Type City
Level 5
Location Northern Country
Inhabitants Unknown
Davis was a major city in Northern Country along the Ricario Sea.  It was often considered part of the Rubicon Metro Area.  


The city of Davis was located on the northern shore of the Ricario Sea.  The city was a temperate zone that recieved a lot of rain and fog.  Coniferious trees surround the city to the north and east.  Tall rugged cliffs dot the topography to the west as does Gregory Bay.  North of Davis is Congress.  To the west is Gregory Bay, Willington, and Mission Lake.  Southwest is Rubicon.


Davis was founded and built by USAPatriot as expansion from Mission Lake and Willington continued eastward around the Ricario Sea.  The city started a small cluster of building around a drydock and port.  The modern skyline quickly took shape because of the lack of room for expansion.  The city quickly grew into a dense urban area along the coast.  Homes along the western slopes were technicolor in following suit with the design cues practiced in Bell.  

The city quickly became an important center for government and ship building.


A highway went in from the west and east, as well as a highway branching out to the north to Congress.  To get to Congress, you have to pass through Davis, which helped propell it's importance.  Streets are clearly marked and well lit downtown.

The closest train station is in Rubicon.  There was no train station or direct rail route to Davis.  There were talks to expand rail from Rubicon to Davis, then on to Congress and the solution was to build rail underground.  It was just never completed in time before the server loss.

The Northern Country Ferry Service had a dock in Davis that had constant runs to Rubicon.  This was the only ferry service in 1st World.

City ServicesEdit

Rubicon had courthouse, city hall, large fire department, and major hospital all located within the city.  The city was policed by the Davis Police Department, which had a large headquarters downtown.  The city was also headquarters for the Northern Country Police Department, which was a national police force often simply called State Police.

City DistrictsEdit

There were not many districts within Davis except for the downtown and 


Residential district east of downtown Davis.

residential district.  Downtown was the west end along the waterfront and port which had a drydock.  The Residential area included everything east of downtown and was also home to technicolor homes built up on a hill, known for having great views of Davis and Rubicon in the distance.