East Tulane Lake
Map of East Tulane Lake.
Vital statistics
Type Geography
Level Lake
Location Separates a portion of the Nation of Aurum and the Nation of Telmar.
Inhabitants Unknown
East Tulane Lake is named after Tulane Lake to the southwest of it.  Both lakes are connected by small streams, three in total.  East Tulane Lake separates the Nation of Aurum from the Nation of Telmar.


There is very little econmic benefit in East Tulane Lake, unlike the economic staple of fishing in Tulane Lake.  Emmerich does try to use East Tulane Lake as a tourist attraction, and has some desirable homes upon the lake.


East Tulane Lake has a handful of settlements, and has two nations upon it's shores.  On the far southeast shore, both Union and Conlis sit almost side by side sharing the lake.  Union is hidden more inside a cove, but has direct access to the lake as well as Lake Tulane.  The Nation of Aurum border owns much of the southern portion of the lake, but Union is the only settlement on the lake from the nation.  Otherwise the area is undeveloped.

The Nation of Telmar has developed more heavily along the lakes eastern and northeastern shore.  Conlis shares a perch with the Nation of Aurum town, Union.  Conlis wraps around the eastern shore with some rural homes.  At the northeast corner of the lake at Canvas Cove, Emmerich enjoys the lakes water.  The northern portion of the lake and western portion remain undeveloped.


Very little recreation actually occurs on East Tulane Lake.  It is considered less desirable then Tulane Lake, despite having some impressive scenery to the north and southwest.  There are some docks located in Union, Conlis, and Emmerich.