Eden, Jadeon Kingdom
Vital statistics
Type Settlement
Level 1
Location Jadeon Kingdom
Inhabitants No one
Eden was a settlement within the Jadeon Kingdom built by Darksideoflink.  The Jadeon Kingdom, while owner of the territory the town was in, often ignored it's existence.  There were no services in the settlement.

The settlement was located on a manmade island in the middle of a body of water.  The only way to enter the settlement was by boat or through the mysterious underground tunnel which travelled under the water to get to the town.  The tunnel was condemned by the Jadeon Kingdom a few times after myseterious leaks sent wanter rushing in, but the kingdom soon ignored the settlement and their erratic creator.

Eden was located south of Merring.  The Jadeon Kingdom often tried to break ties from the settlement, often breaking a sign that led to the town from the main road to Merring.  The road to Eden was not the main cobblestone road system the Jadeon Kingdom used, as it was varied from wood planks, to dirt, and gravel.


Eden was established by DarksideofLink within the Jadeon Kingdom.  He wanted to form a unique colony for people to live and be one with nature.  The town was made completely of nature materials except for a few things such as gold and iron.  There were never any known residents in the town besides DarksideofLink himself.