Emmerich, Nation of Telmar
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 3
Location Genze County, Nation of Telmar, 2nd World
Inhabitants Citizens
Emmerich is a town in the Nation of Telmar, 2nd World, located along the Telmarine Highway north of Conlis.  It is a popular town for vactioners within the Nation of Telmar as it is near Tucker Mountain and located on Canvas Bay.  Emmerich is a town in Genze County.


The town first settled along the northern shore of Canvas Bay.  Growth of the town continued with the completion of the Telmarine Highway to the east.  With the creation of the Emmerich Art Museum, the town reached out to local artists who have helped create the town's current vibe of an artists community.  Canvas Bay has helped the town grow as a recreational vacation spot in the southern part of the nation, and nearby Tucker Mountain just adds to the attractions.


Emmerich has a school called the Institute of Learning.

Emmerich also has a medical clinic and dentists office in a separate building.

The Emmerich city hall, municipal police station, and regional courthouse is located on Auteur Street.

The Emmerich Art Museum is a town landmark located at the west end of Auteur Street.


  • Easy Home Decor
  • Lake Dream Fish and Tackle
  • Noah's Plant Emporium
  • Quick-Ease Mini Mart
  • Rand's Supermarket
  • Telmar National Bank
  • The Redstone Store
  • Toby's Material Shop
  • Work-some-more Hardware


Emmerich is home to a rail depot, the first rail depot upon entering the nation from the Nation of Aurum or the furthest south rail station in the country.

The Telmarine Highway heads south and north from Emmerich with a branch road to Dunbarrow.  Eastwood is to the north.

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