Vital statistics
Type City
Level 3
Location Entrana, 1st World
Inhabitants Entranians
Entrana was the largest city and capital in the city state nation of Entrana.  Their nations main landmark was the Entrana Lighthouse, which was the tallest lighthouse in 1st World and prominently sit on a hill overlooking the city and South Sea.  Entrana was the largest settlement along the mostly unexplored South Sea.

The town was established and formed by Murray.


The city state nation of Entrana was located on an island south east of County Cavan within the South Sea.  The island was mostly hilly, including a large hill at the south end that the Entrana Lighthouse was located at.  Located on a more flat area of the island, the city of Entrana sprawled.

City State StatusEdit

Entrana was the only city state nation in 1st World.  Later in the nations history, it claimed islands further south of it and had planned to start more settlements south as a way to lead ships across the South Sea.


The exact history of Entrana is unknown, but it was most likely settled by residents from Council County or County Cavan.  A settlement grew on this island but struggled to survive due to lack of connections to the outside world.  The construction of the Entrana lighthouse was concieved and became the largest lighthouse and national symbol for tne Entrana people.  The lighthouse helped ships stop at the town's port because of its massive size and light shining out for miles.  The town soon became an unofficial base for the Northern Country Navy and the Northern Country Territorial Exploratory Service as they continued to explore the South Sea.  The sea was never well mapped or explored before the server crash.  

Entrana finally was able to make an underground rail connection to County Cavan and this became the life blood for the growth of the city.  With rail connection to County Cavan, the town was connected to larger markets such as Northern Country and the rest of the civilized world.

City ServicesEdit

Entrana had a handful of stores for residents, a school, law enforcement officer and government building for running the city state.  A port that was important for the city's well being was located near downtown as well as many other businesses for seamen.  The town relied heavily on maritime trade for growth and well being.