Farden, Jadeon Kingdom
Vital statistics
Type Military Outpost and Trading Post Settlement
Level 2
Location Jadeon Kingdom
Inhabitants Unknown
Once a military outpost to the Northern Country Empire, the town of Farden was kindly handed over to the Jadeon Kingdom as a gift. The town was too far out of the way, that the Northern Country simply handed it over. Jadeon Kingdom officials built a few buildings around the fort and put up a technicolor roof on the towns landmark. The placed glass over the market area and did some changes to the interesting little outpost. It is the only town on the server not connected by road to the outside world in anyway. The only way to get to the town was by rail from Seahurst/Tarik or Brisburton. The town is home to a small market and is Jadeon Kingdom's western most town.  

Tarik and Farden were the only two communities in the Jadeon Kingdom to have rail access.

The settlement was platted by AJM of Northern Country, but was simply the rail station and a cobblestone fortress.  Further buildings were built by Frankie of the Jadeon Kingdom.