Gregory Bay, Northern Country
Vital statistics
Type Settlement, Geographic Location
Level 1 / Bay
Location Northern Country, Ricario Sea, 1st World
Inhabitants Unknown
Gregory Bay was both a Lighthouse settlement and bay located on the Ricario Sea.  It is within Northern Country.  To the west was Willington and Mission Lake.  Across the bay to the south was Rubicon and to the east was Davis.  North of the area was nothing but nature.

A small dock and boat launch was located to the west of the Gregory Bay Lighthouse, as well as a bait and tackle shop. It was a popular location for fishing and outdoor recreation.  There were no residents beside the lighthouse keeper within the bay.

Gregory Bay was a popular area for photographers taking photos of nature, or classic views of Rubicon's skyline.

The area was founded and built by USAPatriot.


Gregory Bay was known for it's pristine waters within the bay. It had sandy beaches that connect the Gregory Bay Lighthouse to the mainland.  The bay was home to sea life including fish and squid.

Gregory Bay LighthouseEdit

The Gregory Bay Lighthouse was one of two lighthouses located on the Ricario Sea.  It was the smallest of the two lighthouses, but was better known because of it's scenic location and views.  Visitors are allowed to go to the top of the lighthouse free of charge.  Visitors have to trek around a thin spit of land to the lighthouse.

The lighthouse gray with red stripes and a black top.


The Davis Highway ran by Gregory Bay.  It connected the area to Davis and Mission Lake.  From that highway, the settlent had access to all roads within Northern Country.

A small dock and boat launch in Gregory Bay allowed people to fish and enjoy outdoor recreation.

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