Harborside District, Port Orman
Vital statistics
Type City Organization
Level District / Neighborhood
Location Port Orman, Council County, Northern Country.
Inhabitants Unknown
Harborside was the very first district neighborhood ever created in 1st World.  It was located in Port Orman, Council County, Northern Country.

The Harborside District is filled with shops along the main road and a few restaurants.  There are also a few residential areas within this district.  The Northern Country Ferry Service has a ferry dock in this district and it connects the city by boat to Rubicon.  The landmark Waterside Club is located in this district and was a popular spot for explorers, adventurers, fishermen and others to hang out and share their tales.

Along the Harborside waterfront, there is also an area for major cargo ships which dock here and then head out to the Orman Sea for trade.


Harborside became a port going district within Port Orman after the downtown area became to full to expand.  Citizens felt the areas differentiated enough that they were separated into separate districts, thus downtown was separate from Harborside.  Soon other areas within the city formed neighborhood groups and became districts.