Jadeon Kingdom
Capital city of Osaril
Vital statistics
Type Government Entity
Level Free Kingdom / Country
Location 1st World
Inhabitants Jadeons
The Jadeon Kingdom was a country in 1st World.  Their capital and largest city was Osaril.  The Jadeon Kingdom had the second highest number of settlements compared to any other government entity in 1st World.


Early inhabitants existed in the area as old relics were found near Osaril, one of them being a pillar that was portioned off into a park.  Not much is known about pre-Jadeon Kingdom history.  Frankie founded first Osaril and then Merring to the south.  It was then the Jadeon Kingdom was formed as the two settlements wanted protection. The only problem was, there was no road connection between Merring and Osaril.  Both Aloren and Dracut became part of the kingdom next, but also suffered no road connection to the captial.  Both the newer settlements made road connections to Merring. Road connection between Osaril and Merring was slow coming.  It actually took pressure from Northern Country as well as a Northern Country contractor to connect the two settlements.  Compared to other early nations, the Jadeon Kingdom struggled to build up infrastructure because of the distance and remoteness of towns.  With the connection of Osaril and Merring in place, a few other settlesments were accepted into the Jadeon Kingdom.  

The Northern Country handed a military outpost named Farden of theirs over to the Jadeon Kingdom as an act of kindness.  This helped expand the Jadeon Kingdom far to the west.  No roads ever connected to Farden but the outpost was one of just two settlements in the entire kingdom to be on a rail line built by Northern Country.  Tarik was the last town to become part of the kingdom and was right on the border of Northern Country and the large city of Seahurst.

Even though Northern Country and the Jadeon Kingdom were allies, the Jadeon Kingdom did build up a military guard to protect the kingdom.  They also served as law enforcement to the settlements.


Settlements ordered by size.

Name Photo





Fardeon, Jadeon Kingdom.



Basic roads connect all towns within the kingdom except for Farden.  Only Farden and Tarik had rail connection.

Military / Law EnforcementEdit

The Jadeon Kingdom has a military presence in nearly all their towns including bases, often referred to as "Town Watches," in towns such as Osaril, Merring, and Farden.  The nation had no naval fleet but a rather large land force that providing policing for the nation.

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