Jamestown, Nation of New Plymouth
Vital statistics
Type City
Level 5
Location Nation of New Plymouth, 2nd World
Inhabitants Jamestowners
Jamestown is the capital and largest city in the Nation of New Plymouth.  It is the furthest south city in the Nation of New Plymouth.  It is home to the capitol building, national government, and several important services.  It is the transportation and commercial center of the country.


  • Caulsen Foods Mart
  • Champion Baked Goods
  • Forgotten Pub
  • Green Column Real Estate
  • Hemisphere Clothing
  • Jamestown Daily Crier
  • Jamestown Bank
  • Jamestown Goods Store
  • Jamestown Lodge
  • Jamestown Theater & Expo
  • Milchen Center Offices
  • Portage Communications
  • Roanoke Labs
  • South Central Horse Rental
  • The Horse 'n' Pony
  • The Hungry Elf
  • Underground Books

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