Jonville, Jonville County
Vital statistics
Type Settlement
Level 1
Location Jonville County
Inhabitants No one who can help it.
Jonville was a basic settlement in Jonville County.  It is the only county-town government entity in 1st World.  Jonville is slightly west of Fort Nick and east of Hayden Falls.  Jonville was established and built by Jon.

Jonville was located along a major highway that traveled west from Fort Nick.  It also had one of the first train depots besides Fort Nick and Port Orman.

Jonville is the poorest town on the server as the residents of Jonville live in dirt shelters and buildings.  The nicest building is Jonville Tower, which is where the government resides and a zealous ruler of the people.  Policing is done by a Jonville County Police, which there are only a handful that mainly protect the tower.  

There are a few shops in town, as well as a labratory and motel.  The majority of the town has no lighting of any type, and the town is mostly dark at night except for Jonville Tower.  

The town has no services of any kind.  Besides very basic shopping, medical, schooling, and other services must be done outside of Jonville, preferably Fort Nick, Rubicon by rail or Port Orman by rail.


The easiest landmark that is impossible to miss is Jonville Tower which soars above the treeline and the ramshackle shelters below.  It is the tallest structure in 1st World.  The tower has an underwater entrance that can only be reached from an unassuming dirt mount by the train station.  Town residents are not allowed inside and is is gaurded.