Jonville County
Vital statistics
Type Government Entity
Level County
Location 1st World
Inhabitants Unknown
Jonville County was the only county-town government entity in 1st World.  Jonville County is the smallest government entity in 1st World.  Jonville and Jonville County was established and built by Jon.  Jonville was the only settlement in the county.

Jonville County was located along a major highway that traveled west from Fort Nick.  It also had one of the first train depots besides Fort Nick and Port Orman.

Jonville County was the poorest government entity on the server as the residents of Jonville lived in dirt shelters and buildings.  Argueably the government leaders may have been very wealthy, as they were indeed corrupt keeping tax money for themselves and continuing to build Jonville Tower. Policing is done by a Jonville County Police, which there are only a handful that mainly protect the tower.  Jonville County had no medical services or schools, and was the only county to not have basic services for residents.