Kingdom of Miroin
Vital statistics
Type Nation State
Level Country (Kingdom)
Location 2nd World
Inhabitants Miroins
The Kingdom of Miroin (KOM) is a kingdom nation state in 2nd World.  The capital city is Triralian.


Miroin was first inhabited by aboriginals who lived in the jungle regions of what is today Miroin.  Ancient relics of their civilization still exist scattered around the nation.

Miroin nationhood began shortly after the founding of the Land of Evereska.

Geography & ClimateEdit


The capital city of Miroin is Triralian, and is home to the prime minister and prime council. The head seat of Miroin is the prime minister who oversee's the prime council.  The prime council makes laws and is elected by the people.  The prime minister appoints a head of the prime council and a secondary head of the prime council.  These two heads of the prime council report directly to the prime minister about laws.

The prime minister has the authority to denounce or veto any laws the prime council makes, which would then stop that law in it's tracks.  As well, the prime minister can declare war without the authority of the prime council, but the prime council must authorize action of the military and navy.

Each district in Miroin is led by a governor who is appointed by the prime minister.  Each district has a sub council that is elected by the people.  That sub council creates county laws.  The governor of the county reports to the prime minister directly as the head and secondary head of the prime council would, but instead lets the prime minister know the state of the district.

Each district has a district seat which is the center of government for the district.


Asterisk denotes district seat.

District Settlements Other
Aldham District
Drilamond District
Holian District
Redfall District
Triralian District
Pointe Urinble



The Grand Royal Miroin Army and Grand Royal Miroin Armada provide the sole source of military operations.

Law and JusticeEdit




A major part of the economy in Miroin is the well known Drilamond mushroom and Drilamond pumpkin.