Lake Renegade, Northern Country
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 4
Location Northern Country
Inhabitants Citizens
Lake Renegade was an important town along the Sunset Highway within the country of Northern Country.  It was established by USAPatriot as he travelled west.  The town shares it's name with the lake is is located on to the south.  It is north of the Jadeon Kingdom border and is a major stop between Rubicon and Seahurst.


USAPatriot established Lake Renegade as a military and trading post as he expanded eastward.  As the Sunset Highway was built, the city officially became part of Northern Country.  Soon after, the town of Osaril was built and the Jadeon Kingdom and Northern Country borders were set.  Northern Country recieved a larger portion of land including most of the watery lake known as Lake Renegade as well.  This was because Northern Country was in the area before the Jadeon Kingdom.  Relations between Osaril and Lake Renegade were good, though people often noted how much more modern Lake Renegade was.  Osaril countered with the impressive Osaril Castle that could be seen from a good distance away.  Jadeon Kingdom residents often came to Lake Renegade for medical services at the major hospital in the city.  

Lake Renegade soon expanded beyond the cluster of homes and few shops.  Eventually a new shopping corridor was made by the water to the north of town, as well as a new larger hospital.  Police services got a new building as did the city hall and fire station.  While shopping did improve in the town, it still had no major chain store, other then a Racemart Gasoline, but many enjoyed the charm from the lack of chain stores.  Just Mom and Pop joints.

City ServicesEdit

Lake Renegade had shopping in the downtown district as well as some shops at a junction coming from the Jadeon Kingdom to attract shoppers. The Lake Renegade Police Department provided police service to the city.  There was also a branch to the Northern Country Police Department within the police station.  There was a major hospital in the city as well as a city hall.


The Sunset Highway was the most important route running through the city.  It connected Lake Renegade to the western city of Seahurst and to the eastern city of Rubicon.  It is most traveled east to west route in Northern Country.

Another important route was the road that went south from Lake Renegade past the Jadeon Kingdom and continued all the way to Fort Nick.

Lake Renegade had an important train stop as well that split rail into three directions.  One route continued west to Seahurst, Redwood, and Fort Patriot.  Another route went futher east into Northern Country to places like Bell and Rubicon.  Another rail route bypassed the Jadeon Kingdom and connected to Jonville, Fort Nick and eventually Port Orman.