Lurue Desert
Vital statistics
Type Geography
Level Desert
Location Nation of Lurue
Inhabitants Whoever
The Lurue Desert is located in the Nation of Lurue  It is noteably near the capital city of Skyholm.


The Lurue Desert has hot days with cool nights.  The desert is hottest in the center and southwest.  More rainfall can be had on the deserts northwestern side and northern portions.  Cooler winds prevail to the west, north, and east.



Map of the Lurue Desert.

The Lurue Desert is mostly barren except for some shurbery and cactus plants scattered throughout the landscape.  It is a low lying desert and is flanked by water on almost all sides in some locations.  A more hilly and rugged landscape is to the south, while a more flat landscape is to the north.  Savannah grasslands transition into Skyholm.