Mazzon, Mazzon Nation
Vital statistics
Type City (Mazzon Classification)
Level 3
Location 1st World
Inhabitants Mazzomans
Mazzon was a city in Mazzon Nation.  It was a city within an island nation of the same name.  The city was founded and built by Nick.


The City of Mazzon was created to be the capital of this island nation.  It was the only settlement on the island and in the country and had many services as well as the capitol building.  The city's main inhabitants were transplants from the civilized world hoping for a new life in a new remote land.


Mazzon had a full set of services because it was also the capital of Mazzon Nation.  The Mazzon Nation capitol building was the headquarters for all forms of government on the island nation and the city.  It was also the headquarters for the national police force.  There was a large hospital located in the city and a fire department.  The city had a school and numerous homes.

The main street had a few stores for residents, but not a large number of places to shop.  The largest store was called N Mart, which was Mazzon's answer to the popular A Mart in Northern Country.  

The city featured a swimming area at a beach near downtown including a large high dive, similar to what town founder Nick built in the Northern Country town of Twin Lake Terrace.


The city of Mazzon had double lane road through the main streets in town made of a unique material not seen anywhere is in 1st World.  The city used a dark black asphalt.  Side roads were mixed between stone and cobblestone.  Roads also traversed the entire island.

Fort MazzonEdit

Fort Mazzon was a military base located just north of Mazzon.  It was completely fenced off with guard towers and had one main entrance.  Within the gates were barracks and docks for the Mazzon Navy.