Mazzon Nation
Capitol building of Mazzon Nation.
Vital statistics
Type Government Entity
Level Free Nation / Island Country
Location 1st World
Inhabitants Mazzomans
The Island Nation of Mazzon was a small island nation far south of the Civilized World in a mostly unknown and remote location.  It was founded, established, and built by Nick.  The only way to access of Mazzon was by boat.  No roards connected to Mazzon nor any rail.


It is unknown exactly the location of Mazzon Nation because the area around it was unnamed.  It was known that Mazzon was far south of the civilized world.  Estimates by the Northern Country Territorial Exploratory Service were that the island nation was closest to Ruby Beach in Newfield County.  Just before the server crash, the Northern Country Territorial Exploratory Service was conducting field missions and mapping the island nation and it's location in relation to the rest of 1st World.

The Island of Mazzon is almost entirely at sealevel except for Mt. Mazzon on the far northwest corner of the island.  The city of Mazzon was located in the center of the island, touching water on both sides, and Fort Mazzon was at the north end of the island.  There were no developments at the south end of the island except a bridge leading to an unnamed chunk of land.  The sea around Mazzon was never given a name by the government yet and was often referred to as simply "the water."


Because of Mazzon's complete remoteness to the civilized world, it's development went mostly unknown to the outside world.  Mazzon was a fairly new country and was formed after Northern Country, following much of the idea and laws they had.  Mazzon featured a modern form of government and strong economic system.  The nation was made up of transplants from the civilized world far north with the promise of a new world with a modern government in the untamed wilds.

The City of Mazzon was created to be the capital of this island nation.  It was the only settlement on the island and in the country and had many services as well as the capitol building.


Mazzon Island's only civilian settlement was the city of Mazzon.


Mt. Mazzon was an active volcano located on the island.  There was a constant lava flow heading westward down the mountain.  It never had a full eruption, but was a constant threat to the island.  Because of the lava flows, soil was fertile and farms were established around the base of the volcano opposite of the lava flows.


The only way to come to Mazzon was by boat.  No road or rails came to the remote island nation.  Within the nation itself, there were numerous roads in and around the island and through the city of Mazzon.  


The Mazzon Navy was only one of two navy's in 1st World.  It was considerably smaller then the Northern Country Navy.  The Mazzon Navy had just two ships that were parked at Fort Mazzon, a base located north of Mazzon.


The only health facility was located in the city of Mazzon and serviced the whole island.  The nation had a rather advanced health care facility with tools given from Northern Country, often hand downs.

Law EnforcementEdit

The nation had a national police force known as the Mazzon Police Department.  One might assume that is the municipal police force because the name is the same as the city, but it was actually a national police force that had duties across the nation.  It was the only law enforcement service in the nation.  The military could have provided safety if needed.