Medical facilities vary in 2nd World from small clinics to full fledged hospitals.  Most countries have at least some basic form of healthcare.  The nation with the most advanced system and largest network of health systems is the Nation of Aurum.

Amandil Hospital and Health Center

Holian Health Centre Hospital

Miroin National Medical Centre

Eastwood General Hospital

Emmerich Wellness Clinic

Conlis Regional Medical Facility

Union Medical Center

Nelson Medical Clinic

Tulane County Medical Clinic - Routen

Bravern County Hospital

Rockwell Medical Hospital

Fort Dent Medical Clinic

Grand Junction Medical Clinic

Riverbend Hospital

Port Frost Medical Clinic

Timberline Hospital

Westport General Hospital

Frontier Valley Medical Clinic

Frontier County Hospital - Riverside

Roverg Memorial Hospital

LaSou County Regional Medical Facility - Fairfax

Coast County Medical Center

Snowcadia Regional Medical Center

Sunset Beach Medical Clinic