Mission Lake, Northern Country
Vital statistics
Type City
Level 4
Location Northern Country
Inhabitants Unknown
Mission Lake was a medium sized settlement just northwest of Rubicon.  It was a suburb to Rubicon and was a tourist destination due to the numerous outdoor activities nearby.  The town of Willmington was a residential suburb just to the northeast of Mission Lake.


The city had a city hall, church, medical center, busy dowotown corridor with shops, police department and large fire station.  There were numerous hotels in the city.  Homes surrounded the city.  The climate in the city was seasonably warmer then nearby Rubicon which made it a popular place to settle.


A major highway system ran through the town from Rubicon and connected it to important locations such as Seahurst, Davis, and Congress.  The highway made Mission Lake a junction for people traveling on roads heading either east, west, or north.  This helped the growth of Mission Lake, espcially in later years.  The Sunset Highway and Davis Highway both started in Mission Lake.