The Nation of Aurum
Vital statistics
Type Nation State
Level Country
Location 2nd World
Inhabitants Aurumers
The Nation of Aurum (NOA) is a free nation state in 2nd World.  The nation is broken up into counties that have their own seats of government and law enforcement.  The capital city is Paramount.

The Nation of Aurum is united by a shared belief in social and economic freedom, that have built the most prosperous and powerful nation in 2nd World.  Abundant resources, a favorable climate and soils have ensured plentiful food supplies, and a society rewarding individual energy and initiative, were all advantages for the growing nation.  Guided by the ideals of democracy and freedom, the Nation of Aurum has successfully invented itself according to it's own poilitical and social ideals.


Early history of the area known as Aurum actually had no known aboriginals.  To this day, there are no aboriginal villages within the national boundaries.  The first settlement began as people moved in, led by AJM and Nick.


The early days of Riverbend

The very first settlement formed in what later would become part of the nation was Grand Junction.  Further development spread to other small communities such as Rapid River, Port Frost, and soon Riverbend.  Development of the nation grew as roads and transportation networks expanded.  Soon an important railroad link was made between Grand Junction and Riverbend.  Counties were formed, as a form of early government and protection.  Grand Junction rallied to be separate from Riverbend's, River County but eventually succombed to the incoporation because it benefitted both communities.

Early on Riverbend quickly grew to be the largest city in 2nd World, but it's thrown was soon toppled by Westport.  The two cities fought for top spot for quite some time, but attention turned as expansion headed south. Hoth was a remote settlement to the snowy south on Snowcadia Island.  Politicians in Riverbend decided to make a highway and rail route to the tiny town in hopes to claim all the land in between.  In doing so, The Nation of Aurum built the longest rail route, longest highway, and longest bridge in all of 2nd World.  Frontier Valley served as an important stopping point before continuing the trek south.  The city of Southpoint grew as an important city for the south as did Roverg for the southeast.  Development in the southwest remained slow and untamed.  Other major populations centers grew such as Timberline and Rockwell and helped form major population centers in almost every region of the nation.

In 2012, Riverbend held the Summer Olympics.  In 2013 Timberline held the Winter Olympics.

Area for a capital city was set aside north of Timberline and Paramount was founded as the capital city for Aurum.  This removed the head of government from Riverbend to Paramount.

Geography & ClimateEdit

The geography of Aurum is diverse and varies depending on location.  The majority of the country is a cool temperate climate with maritime climates along the majority of the coastlines.  

The central region of the nation is mostly temperate and wet with short summers.  Timberline to Westport is mostly sporadic plains surrounded by high mountain peaks.  The area is considerably cooler then other parts of the country.  This cool climate extends deep down into Coast County past Orford and into the artctic climate of Snowcadia County.  LaSou County is temperate but has humid wet weather.  It shares this climate with Roverg County.  The majority of that area is marshland, forest, and mountains east of Roverg.  Peace County is mostly forest with plains, lakes, and rivers.  Rockwell County is more diverse with temperate plains and forests around Rockwell, but the climate becomes more continental until it reaches one of the few jungle regions in the Nation of Aurum.  The climate here is warmer then most of the country, but has high amounts of rain, and humidity.  Frontier County is a mix between drier grassland and dense forest.  The region experiences warmer temperatures and less rainfall then the majority of the country.

The Nation of Aurum has no deserts within it's national boundaries.  Most of the country is lowland and forested with extensive mountain ranges throughout the country.


The Nation is led by a president who is elected by the people.  There are also two branches of the government beaneath the president that make laws and are elected by the people.  The two branches are the "National Cabinet" and the "Republic Cabinet Representitives."  The nation has a multiple party system.  The biggest poltical parties are the Conservative Party, Liberty Party, Federalist Party, and Liberal Party.


Nation of Aurum Capitol Building in Paramount.

The President and Vice PresidentEdit

A president and vice president are elected every 2 years in the Nation of Aurum.  Fund for elections are raised soley by the campaigner, and no money is used by the tax payer, even if running for a second term.  A president and vice president campaign separately and are not necessarily tied to one another.  In total, a president and vice president can only hold their position for a total of 4 terms.  Each political party send a representitive to run for these two positions, but non formal representitives can also run for polticial office.  County governors have a close relation to the president and vice president and share the needs of the people within their counties.

The National CabinetEdit

There are two National cabinet members elected from each county in the nation.  They are the highest level of law beneath the president and vice president.  There job is to approve or veto laws made by the Republic Cabinet Representitves.  In order to go to war, this cabinet must also have a majority approval vote to send the nation into war.  If a vote can not be decided, county governors are called upon to make the final vote.

The Republic Cabinet RepresentitivesEdit

Depending on the population, the number or representitves voted on by the people, will be sent to the Republic Cabinet Representitives Chamber.  The sole purpose of this office is to create, form, and send of laws to the National Cabinet.  

County GovernorEdit

Each county has a head of power known as a governor elected by the people.  To be a county governor, the governor must reside somewhere in the county.  Once elected, they will have an office at the county seat, a head of government settlement for the entire county.  The County governor's job is to run the county and has final say on whether a law should be passed or vetoed, only if the law passes through the country representitves.  A governor holds a 2 year term and can only run a campaign on their own funds or from campaign money raised during events.

County RepresentitvesEdit

A county representive is elected by the people within a county, with at least 2 representitives from each district within a county.  There job is to represent the people and form and create county level laws.  If a law is passed by the county representitves, the law is sent to the county governor who has the final say if the law is passed or vetoed.

County SheriffEdit

A county sheriff is elected by by the people in each county to provide basic law enforcement services within a county.  The county sheriff runs a 2 year term and must be someone who lives within the county at the time of election.  The sheriff chooses an undersheriff to server under them and for the people for their entire term.  If the sheriff shows signs of not performed their duties well, and undersheriff has the power to call a "review" on the sheriff which will be examined by county representitives and the county governor.

The National AnthemEdit

The National Anthem of Aurum is "United We Rise."  It is performed at the beginning of ceremonies, certain holidays, and Snowdrift sporting events. 
Aurum National Anthem - "United We Rise"

Aurum National Anthem - "United We Rise"

Counties And SettlementsEdit

County Settlement Other
Bravern County
Capital County
Coast County
Cordova County
Frontier County
Frontier Valley
Humbolt Hollow
Three Bridges
Lasou County
Cayman Falls
Devils Horn Peninsula
Peace County
Bromley Farm
Deer Lake
Forsett Valley
Fort Dent
River County
Grand Junction
Heremus (Former)
Rapid River
Truss Valley
Rockwell County
Roverg County
Snowcadia County
Snowbeak Rock
Timber County
Jaguar Head
Tulane County
Wood County
Bratnum Breach
Port Frost


The Nation of Aurum is made up mostly of Aurumers.  The majority of the people live within urban areas.  


The Nation of Aurum practices free religion, though 99% of the nation if Christian.  1% makes up other religions and practices.


The nation is crossed by major highways that go from east to west or north to south.  The Nation of Aurum has more roads then any other nation in 2nd World.  The nation is known for having the most advanced road systems in 2nd World.

Rail service goes to most major population centers within the Nation of Aurum.  The nation has the most advanced and biggest rail network in 2nd World.

Ferry service from a terminal in Southpoint sends people to Survivor Island, a remote uninhabited island popular for vacationists and explorers.


The Nation of Aurum Defense is split into four major divisions, the Nation of Aurum Military and the Nation of Aurum Navy.  They serve as peace keeping and defense forces for the Nation of Aurum and have a global presence in 2nd World.  The other two divisions are the Nation of Aurum Secret Service and the Nation of Aurum Customs and Border Protection agency.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The Nation of Aurum takes a friendly and firm stance with other nations.  Being the world power of 2nd World, it feels it needs to take a leading position on determining what is right and wrong.  The nation has helped form several nations and has recognized several bands of aboriginals allowing them to form their own nation states.  Most nations view Aurum as a world wide governing force for justice and morals, and this puts Aurum in a tough spot at times when two or more nations are asking for support from opposing sides. Aurum allows nations with their own autonomy, but sets up guidelines for new nation states on what it thinks would be best and beneficial, and most nations follow these guidelines.

Nation of TelmarEdit

The Nation of Aurum views the Nation of Telmar as an ally.  Aurum helped form Telmar and set up national boundaries with the Telmarine leadership.  In return, Telmar has shown nothing but support for Aurum even basing it's form of government and societal set up on that of Aurum's.  While borders are gated, travel between Telmar and Aurum is relaxed and both nations share major economic gains from one another.

Nation of LurueEdit

The Nation of Aurum views the Nation of Lurue as an ally.  Aurum was the sole backer for Lurue's early development.  Construction crews from Aurum built the major infrastructure in Lurue and created and international highway through Telmar that connects into Lurue.  Also ferry service and ports on the Marin Sea help connect the two nations who are separated by Telmar or the ocean.  Early in Lurue's development, the nation signd a treaty to have the Aurum Military provide military services to the country, though this treaty was later revised by Lurue when they formed their own army.  The two nations are very close and share many economic boons with one another.

Land of EvereskaEdit

The Nation of Aurum views Evereska as a friend, but still views them with caution as their nation has had several political upheavels and early on broke treaty grounds with Aurum and Telmar.  Evereska was granted permission to form a nation state by Aurum and Telmar, but only if it followed certain guidelines that Aurum set out for the nation.  Evereskan officials agreed, but quickly broke the deal saying they would not follow Aurum guidelines.  They gave Aurum the cold shoulder and quickly got paid a visit by the Aurum Navy, with whom they treated coldly as an Aurum Navy ship sat docked in Puerta de la Luz.  The leader of Evereska did not want to talk to Aurum officials and never spoke to them during their visit.  Quickly questionable practices were done including a massive jail being built that had more rooms then the nation had citizens.  Shortly after, Evereska suffered a political upheaval that resulted in the nation being run by two different minded leaders with different thoughts.  One leader was moderate and the other was extremist and eccentric.  Aurum, as well as Telmar and Lurue, took action and helped get the moderate leader into the leadership position of the country.  The new leader agreed with Aurum guidelines and began a rapid development of Evereska.  Even with new leadership, corruption still existed, and Aurum made it clear they did not like the tax payer waste on a massive capitol building in Amandil that was larger at the time, then all the settlements in Evereska combined.

Political upheaval and stability is still a concern, though while Aurum now finds Evereska a friendly nation, it views upon it cautiously with all the unstability in the country.  Aurum also wants the nation to advance and provide better services for it's citizens, something Evereska has not been able to do.  

Nation of New Plymouth Edit

The Nation of Aurum has greatly helped and fund the growth of the Nation of New Plymouth, helping develop roads, cities, education, and the government itself. The Nation of Aurum greatly wanted an ally in the far east, and a strong nation to watch over the unstable Kingdom of Miroin.

Kingdom of MiroinEdit

The Nation of Aurum watches the Kingdom of Miroin with caution as it views the leadership as being possibly unstable.  Aurum has also feared this unstability in Miroin can cause the fragile infrastructure of Evereska to collapse and cause political unrest.  Aurum views Miroin's military build up as a concern.

Law And JusticeEdit

There are three levels of law enforcment within the Nation of Aurum.  There is the federal, county, and municipal level.

Federal LevelEdit

There is no federal national police force in Aurum.  The federal level of policing is smaller then other levels of policing within Aurum.  Agencies such as the secret service are tied to the federal level and often can be seen on major crime scenes.  They have offices in every major city in the nation.

County LevelEdit

Each county is required by national law to have a county sheriff's office to provide basic policing to all within a county.  Their roles vary from urban areas to rural areas.  Each county has an elected sheriff, and undersheriff, and deputies.  Every county has a county seat, sheriff's office, county jail, and courthouse.  Sheriff's offices vary by county in size, some are small, while others are massive and very complex.

Municipal LevelEdit

Most towns and cities in Aurum have municipal police forces which provide law enforcement services to all within the city limits.  Every police department has a police chief either appionted by the mayor, or elected on by the citizens.  Agencies vary in size to being small or very large.  They often work closely with sheriff agencies.


Medical clinics are located in most every small town, and a hospital in every major city or town.  In rural counties, the largest town often has medical services.


The economy of Aurum is built up of strong trade networks and routes.  The system is a capitalist system.  Commercial services are a large sector as well as agricultural services from more rural areas.  Major corporations call Aurum home, as well as international organizations and corporations.


Every county has at least a newspaper.  Media outlets vary from print to television and radio.  Major cities often have newspapers and television news as well as radio.  Outlaying areas often benefit to seeing their local television news from the nearest major city.


AJM founded and created the nation setting up every road route, rail route, business, settlement, government, and systems in the nation.  AJM often contracted out to other members such as Nick, Trollis, Sven, and Xbepx for help in filling in roads or doing manual labor that had already been designed, set up, but needed to be finished.