Nation of Aurum Military
Nation of Aurum Military, gray camo.
Vital statistics
Type Government
Level Military
Location Nation of Aurum, 2nd World
Inhabitants Soldiers
The Nation of Aurum Military is a branch of the Nation of Aurum Defense.  The military serves as peace keeping and defense force for the Nation of Aurum and have a global presence in 2nd World.  They also are responsible for investigating international crimes and terror groups.  They intercept inside and outside threats to the nation and further investigate these threats, taking neccesary action to solve the problem.



Nation of Aurum Military Blitz A1 Tanks.

The Nation of Aurum Military was formed in 2011 with the creation of the Nation of Aurum Defense.  Early on, it was tied to the Nation of Aurum Navy but quickly separated.  The federal government early on set up land grants for the military to set up bases around the nation.  Early bases were set up along important road routes or in more remote areas with important routes.  Their job was to protect these routes and the citiens on and around them.  If an invading force was  to attack, the military would respond on the invading force.  Today, the military is in various bases around the nation and are also located along borders with other nations.  


The Nation of Aurum Military has several bases throughout the Nation of Aurum.  Bases range in size and vary at each location.  In most cases, bases are walled in a compacted space, but in some cases, bases are much larger and have a more open grounds.  There are bases which train soldiers as well as bases which are used for communications and interception.  Many bases have open house days throughout the year allowing for citizens to visit the bases and interact with soldiers.  Many bases have on base housing and services, but in some cases, soldiers are allowed to live off base in nearby towns.

Base Location Photo
Fort Cordova Rockwell County
Fort Defiance Snowcadia County
Fort Marin Rockwell County
Fort Quintel LaSou County


The Nation of Aurum Military has several different vehicles used for different purposes.

Vehicle Class Photo
Predator A1 Medium
Blitz A1 Medium
Interceptor Medium
Wolf Light
Protector Heavy