Nation of Lurue
Vital statistics
Type Nation State
Level Country
Location 2nd World
Inhabitants Lurueans
The Nation of Lurue (NOL) is a free nation state in 2nd World.  The capital city is Skyholm.  The nation is backed by the Nation of Aurum.


Before the Nation of Lurue was formed, the land was uninhabitied for the most part except for a few explorers from Aurum and Telmar.  In a few small patches, aboriginal people existed but the numbers were not high.   The Nation of Lurue was formed after the creation of the Land of Evereska due in part to the Nation of Aurum wanting another strong ally and firm trading partner.  The Nation of Aurum was the sole backer for the Nation of Lurue to take shape in wanting another ally in 2nd World and the Luruean officials were very clear they wanted Aurum as an ally and model.  To find the location for a capital city, Aurum officials and Luruean officials selected a optimal spot between the Nation of Telmar and the Land of Evereska.  Skyholm was formed as a capitol city and roads quickly extended outward to a port connecting to the Nation of Aurum.  Crews from the Nation of Aurum built the first major freeway in Lurue in hopes for quick trade and fast development, and the hope worked out as Skyholm grew.

The Nation of Aurum made it clear it would continue to help build infrastructure as long as towns and cities grew in the nation.  Cities and towns have been completely developed within the nations walls by their own citizens.  

Geography & ClimateEdit

Besides the Lurue Desert near Skyholm, the majority of the country can be split into two regions.  A colder, more harsh northern climate, and a wet humid southern climate, with a few desert pockets.  The northern region is mostly treeless, barren grassland that has harsh winters and cool short summers.  It is a fringe land close to arctic regions in the Nation of Telmar.  The largest mountain ranges in Lurue are located to the north.  The Lurue Desert is mostly barren and hot days with cool nights.  Forests continue southward just west of the Lurue Desert and offer a more temperate climate until the plaines are reached.  This area is more continental until the marshlands which become humid, wet, and hot.  A arctic region is located far to the southwest as well as another hot desert region with dry grasslands prone to fires.  



Lurue Capitol Building in Skyholm.

The nation is led by an elected Senate.  There are two forms of government.  The Senate makes laws for everyday life and is in control of declaring or not declaring war.  During peaceful times, the Senate has majority power.  The Senate is also in control of dealing with most international relations.  

The Council is made up of leaders from the magic guilds throughout the nation, and method of electing guild leaders vary from guild to guild. These methods range from democratic vote to birthright to duels for leadership.  Guilds are roughly broken up by settlement, though some guilds have subdivisions in towns and cities other than their main guild hall.  The Council has majority power during war time and controls military movements.

While technically separate from the Lurue government, the guilds of Lurue act quite closely with it due to the status of The Council. Each guild provides services to the public and government alike. Some guilds have specialties such as enchantments, potion-making, or combat. While others are more generalized.

National AnthemEdit

The national anthem of Lurue is called, "Life."  


The Lurue National Anthem, "Life."


The Nation of Lurue originaly had no formal military and had made a treaty with the Nation of Aurum for defense if they ever need military power.  If the time arose, the Nation of Aurum Military would have provided military services for the country.  

While relations between the two nations are still ally, the treaty was revised when Lurue formed their own military to protect national lands.  The treaty was revised in the sense that Aurum would provide services if still needed and visa versa.

Since July 2013, the Nation of Lurue formed the Armed Forces of Lurue which is made up of two parts.  The two divisions; the standard military, and Lurue Special Operations.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The Nation of Lurue takes a friendly but unwavering stance on foreign relations. It's biggest ally is the Nation of Aurum, but it takes a cautious stance against nations such as the Kingdom of Miroin.  

The Nation of Aurum

The Nation of Lurue views the Nation of Aurum as a solid ally because of investments, advice, development progress, economic, and military might from Aurum.  The nations share a close economic bond and have agreed on most all subjects.  Militarily, Lurue originally signed a treaty with Aurum for military services, but has since revised the treaty.  Both nations have agreed mutually to send aid and troops if needed during rough times.  Lurue owes much of it's economy and nationhood development to Aurum.

The Nation of TelmarEdit

The Nation of Lurue takes a friendly stance with the Nation of Telmar.  Knowing Telmar is an ally with Aurum, Lurue has found it best to also be friendly to the nation for economic benefit and regional stability.  There has been no quarrels over land border with Telmar and international trade has been a good boon for Lurue.

The Land of EvereskaEdit

The Nation of Lurue takes a passive stance to it's eastern neighbors, the Land of Evereska.  They orginally viewed the development of Evereska as an unstable nation with many possible risks as the nation toyed with various government types.  Lurue also agreed with Aurum and Telmar officials in a document that it was justified if the Aurum Military moved into Evereska if the Evereskan government collapsed.  As well an early border boundary dispute remains unresolved with Evereska.  Lurue made it clear of their stance on the government situation in Evereska and said they needed a strong leader. They supported the removal of extremist leaders in Evereska and the removal of their dual leadership control position.  Lurue agreed with Aurum and Telmar on who would be the best fit and strongest leader for Evereska and helped situate that leader into position.  While cautious, Lurue is willing to solve the several disputes with Evereska and hopes it's eastern neighbor can advance smartly and have a stable government.

The Kingdom of MiroinEdit

The Nation of Lurue takes a cautious stance with the Kingdom of Miroin.  It views the leader as being possibly unfit for their position and is concerned they can be a driving force to cause unrest in Evereska.

Law And JusticeEdit

The nation of Lurue has a national police force called the National Investigative Agency of Lurue (NIAL), but in conversation it is often referred to as "Nail".  The police force has a central structure with substations throughout the nation.  Most towns and settlements contract through the national police force.


The healthcare structure of Lurue is known for it's medical advancements.  Hospitals are located in major cities and smaller towns often have clinics.  Health service is a moderately higher cost then the Nation of Aurum, but it is amongst the best in 2nd World.  





Transportation is by road in Lurue or boat. A national highway runs west to east, starting in Haven and ending in Skyholm.