Northwest Regional States
An early Northwest Regional States map.
Vital statistics
Type Government Entity
Level Free Nation State
Location Eventually consumed by Northern Country, 1st World
Inhabitants Northerners
The Northwest Regional States was a government entity and early nation state within 1st World.  The capital was Rubicon.  The name was dropped when Council County and it formed Northern Country.   


The Northwest Regional States were formed right after the formation of Council County which was based in Port Orman.  The Northwest Regional States was given that name becuase at the time, only Rubicon, Mission Lake, and Twin Lake Terrace existed within it's borders.  The plans were to form separate "states" within the region, but this did not happen.  At the time of naming, this region was the furtherest northwest location in 1st World.

Borders were well defined along the south Jonville County, Fort Nick, and Council County, but beyond Mission Lake, borders to the west, north, and east were vague and loosely defined.  It was expected the nation state would expand. 

Relations with Council County were strong because Port Orman and Rubicon were the largest cities in 1st World during the time.  Economic trade was key to helping Council County and the Northwest Regional States form one government entity known as Northern Country.  While Council County remained a district name around Port Orman, the Northwest Regional States name was dropped and simply became known as part of Northern Country.  The capital for this newly formed country was Rubicon and Port Orman remained the county seat of Council County.


The Northwest Regional States had three incoporated settlements at the time of formation.  Rubicon was the most established city and capital of the region.  Twin Lake Terrace was second early on until it was surpassed in size by Mission Lake.  Willmington did not exist as a community when the term Northwest Regional States was commonly used.


Early transportation to The Northwest Regional States could only be done by rail from Fort Nick.  But within the regions borders, the cities of Rubicon, Mission Lake, and Twin Lake Terrace were well equipped with the most advanced roads and rail in 1st World.  They were a step ahead of Council County, which was a major boone for development.

At this time, institutions like the Northern Country Ferry Service did not exist yet.


The Northwest Regional States had an early militia to protect the region and it's borders.  It is not well known, but there was a small training ground and base located slightly northwest of Mission Lake.  This eventually was consumed by the Northern Country military and Northern Country Navy.

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