Orman Sea
The Orman Sea is located to the right on this map.
Vital statistics
Type Geographic Location
Level Sea
Location Eastern / Central 1st World
Inhabitants Sea life
The Orman Sea became the first named body of water in 1st World and was named after the settlement of Port Orman in Council County, Northern Country.  The Orman Sea is completely encompassed by Northern Country in the second largest land grab ever done in 1st World.  

The Orman Sea was heavily patrolled by two Northern Country Navy ships.


Exploration of the sea was slow at first, but explorers from Port Orman wanted to see if there was a direct sea route to locations such as Fort Nick and Rubicon.  Exploration beyond the southern protected bay of the sea first began along the coast line and headed west.  Explorers found several island breaking up the sea, but eventually found it broke up into a larger body of water again.  After several long days, the explorers found Rubicon.  Larger ships from the Northern Country Territorial Exploratory Service began to explore the region and found it was easily possible to get from Port Orman to Rubicon.  Where the sea was broken up by smaller islands, Northern Country officials decided to break up the sea into two.  The Orman Sea to the east and the Ricario Sea to the west around Rubicon.  

After exploration was done to the west, explorers headed east and found the sea continued on and broke open into a larger body of water.  This became an important route for further exploration by travellers.

The entire sea became encompassed by Northern Country, who kept the northern and eastern reaches natural without further civilization expansion.



Ships docked at Port Orman along the Orman Sea.

For as big as the Orman Sea was, there were only two settlements along it.  The entire sea to the north and east are unsettled, but fully mapped by the Northern Country Territorial Exploratory Service.

Port Orman is the largest town on the Orman Sea.  It is an important hub for commercial transport and trade.

Cross Valley's northern tip of town is located along a large bay of the Orman Sea.  There is a dock, but no commercial traffic.  It is not uncommon for Northern Country Navy ships to dock in the bay throughout the year.


Boat traffic was constantly on the move in the Orman Sea.

The Northern Country Ferry Service had a ferry route from Port Orman to Rubicon that followed the coastline of the sea.