Osaril, Jadeon Kingdom
Vital statistics
Type City
Level 3
Location Jadeon Kingdom
Inhabitants Unknown
Osaril was the capital city of the Jadeon Kingdom.  It was classified as a city by Jadeon Kingdom standards but not so by Northern Country standards.  It sat south of the border of Northern Country, the closest settlement being Lake Renegade.


Osaril was the first city to be established in the Jadeon Kingdom.


The city has a market district filled with outdoor shops as well as a hotel, a few shops, and a district of residential homes to the south.  There was a medical clinic and a city watch.  The city watch was part of the kingdom's safety agency, which are were the kingdom's equivelent to law enforcement.  It was a kingdom wide watch system with branches in various cities. Osaril was founded and built by Frankie.


Osaril's largest landmark was Osaril Castle, which prominently dominated the city's skyline.  Inside it was alrge and spacious and held various rooms and a dungeon.  It was the command center for the entire kingdom, and headquarters for the Jadeon Kingdom Guard which protected the kingdom and towns.

There was an ancient pillar found in the town, between the town center and Osaril Castle.  It's origins were unknown, but the area was fenced off as a historic landmark.