Port City, Nation of New Plymouth
Vital statistics
Type City
Level 4
Location Nation of New Plymouth, 2nd World
Inhabitants Port Cityers
Port City is a city in the Nation of New Plymouth.  It is an industrial and commerce hub, home to the Port City Port, which is the largest port in the Nation of New Plymouth.


Port City is located on Port City Island, which is separated  by water from the Nation of New Plymouth mainland.  The Port City Expressway  connects the city to the mainland.  The island is mostly green rolling hills, with sand outlining the edges of the island.  Spits of sand extend out on three different areas of the island.  One to the south, one to the west, and one to the east.  The western shore is mostly exposed to the elements of the ((ocean)), as is the northern shore which is more elevated by cliffs.

Almost in the center of the island is Molasses Pond which serves as a city recreation area.  The southern shore of the island is the flattest part of the island and has been the most developed section of the island.  It contains the port area, the downtown, and most of the denser housing projects.  The single family homes dot the northern hills to the north of the island.


  • General Trader
  • Merlsie Armor & Tools
  • Miser Mart
  • Port City Books
  • Port City Motel
  • Salt Sam's Seafood


  • Downtown Park
  • Markus Spit Park
  • Molasses Pond