Port Orman, Council County, Northern Country
Vital statistics
Type City
Level 4
Location Council County, Northern Country
Inhabitants Citizens
 Port Orman was a city located in Council County which was a district within Northern Country.  It was the first settlement to be created on the 1st World.  The city was established and built by AJM.


The city of Port Orman is surrounded on three of four sides by the Orman Sea.  It is located on a lush chunk of land that is heavily vegitated by coniferous trees.  To the east of the city is the Forestwood Territorial Forest which is a dense forest of greenery.  No beaches are located in Port Orman as the grass goes right up to waters edge.  The closest beach is by Granston Bridge to the west of the city.


Port Orman was founded and built by USAPatriot   It quickly grew into the biggest settlement in the world as all foot traffic leaving Fort Nick followed the Port Orman Highway to the city.  It grew in all directions until it's boundaries were bursting at the seems.  When no room was left to build due to restrictions by the ocean and Forestwood Territorial Forest, the city grew up, allowing for some mid rise skyscrapers.  Expansion east from Port Orman saw the rise of Cross Valley.  The two communities formed a the first government district and government entity in 1st World naming it Council County.  It was recognized for being the most orderly area in 1st World.  Quickly other areas followed suit including Newfield County which grew very close relations with Council County.  Later on, County Cavan followed suit.

Port Orman prospered as an area of trade and jumping off point for people planning to explore eastward and south.  It was the main gateway to County Cavan and soon became a popular route to Newfield County connecting Port Orman to Ruby Beach.

Northern Country was soon formed out of Council County in Port Orman.  It was decided that Rubicon and Port Orman would form a treaty to become one government entity.  At the time, Rubicon was part of the Northwest Regional States union.  Council County would still exist as a district within Northern Country and it did.  Rubicon then became the capital city of the newly formed Northern Country until eventually that status was passed along to the city of Congress.  Before Congress became the capital, Rubicon was often considered the capital of 1st World.


The Port Orman Highway connects the city to all of Northern Country and the rest of the world.  It is also the only lifeline road that connects County Cavan to the rest of the world.  Numerous roads branch out from Port Orman.

A train station located in Port Orman is one of the bussiest in 1st World as it connects to Fort Nick and every other station on the rail system.

The Northern Country Ferry Service had a dock in Port Orman that had constant runs to Rubicon.  This was the only ferry service in 1st World.

City ServicesEdit

Port Orman has a city hall, large fire department, and a major hospital all located within the city.  The city was originally home to the Council County Territorial Police.  They policed both Port Orman and Cross Valley.  The agency split and Port Orman recieved their own municipal police force while Cross Valley got Council County Sheriff deputies.

City DistrictsEdit

Port Orman was separated into various districts.  There was downtown, Harborside, Marina, and Park.