Puerta de la Luz, Land of Evereska
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 1
Location Land of Evereska
Inhabitants Luzerz
Puerta de la Luz, "Port of Light," is a town in the Land of Evereska.  The town is an important stop for boats entering the Land of Evereska.  The town has a pirate theme, but is also home to pirate activity not deemed wrong by the Evereskan government.


The town was the first official settlement in the Land of Evereska not having a name for a very long time.  The term Scallywag was used commonly by merchants and citizens.  Early development of a dock and saloon were built.  It brought in shady characters of the sea to this remote harbor town and was a bastion for sea pirates.  As a nationhood was built up, the town became the hub of Evereskan development, though ti remained small.  Located nearby, the nation built the first national prison located on a small island off shore which can be reached only by rail.  Outsiders quickly considered this act as an act of distaste as the jail was larger then the citizenry to begin with.

The name Puerta de la Luz was finally given to the settlement. Rail service was set up to nearby settlements and finally a gravel road was built connected the town to Crossbridge.


Besides a basic inn and saloon, there is no stores or services in town.  The town has no law enforcement, school, medical, or anything.  A few houses dot the countryside around the settlement.


The Scallywag Saloon

The Scallywag Saloon was created  to start off the pirate theme. It was the first official building to be built in this settlement. Its crowning glories are the skull and rose portrait hanging about the dimly lit seating, and the galley cat, Cutlass.

The Stowaway Inn

The Stowaway Inn is the largest overall structure in Puerta de la Luz, containing a lobby, underground employee quarters, two guest rooms, a large suite room, an adjoining enclosed swimming pool, a livestock containment area, containing pigs and cows, and a fully functioning farming facility for melons, pumpkins, and sugarcane.


HMS Lymeria

The HMS Lymeria is a pirate ship captained by the pirate queen Treenabella, and crewed by a bunch of scallywags, who each have their own quarters on board.

The ship also features a brig of obsidian and iron, functioning cannons, a galley, and a crows nest.  The ship is usually at port off the coast of the town and has seen no action against it by authorities.