Racemart Gasoline
Vital statistics
Type Fuel Station Business
Level Affordable
Location Northern Country
Inhabitants Unknown
 Racemart Gasoline was a fuel company founded in Seahurst.  Their goal was to serve peoples need of coal for their lighting and heating.  The interior of the stations also had snacks and goods for people to purchase.  After the creation of their newest branches west of Seahurst in Redwood and Burnett, they expanded quickly eastward and built a station in Congress near by their rival company Pitstop Gas.  They also built a station in Rubicon in hopes to keep rival Pitstop Gas away.  They succeeded.  The company planned to build more locations throughout Northern Country and had plans to buy a private station in Port Orman.  They were also in the works of building a station in Burnett

The company owned the fuel market in Western Northern Country and worked hard to gain a foothold in the east.

Locations Photos
Redwood No Photo Available
Burnett No Photo Available
Lake Renegade No Photo Available