Rapid River, River County, Nation of Aurum
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 2
Location River County, Nation of Aurum, 2nd World
Inhabitants Citizens
 Rapid River is a settlement located on the Rapid River within River County in the Nation of Aurum.


Rapid River was a spur settlement that formed during the early growth stages of Grand Junction.  To connect the two towns, the Rapid River Road was built.  The two towns competed for dominance of the area early, and to try and cement their dominance, Rapid River built the Rapid River Raceway.  The track was to serve as pig racing circuit, but the idea never took off.  Soon a road was made connecting the town to Riverbend, as well as a train station was built.  The train station was a major boon to the town considering it's small size.  To this day, Rapid River is considered a popular place to people to live and relax, but still be close to the city life in Riverbend a few minutes away.

Rapid River RacewayEdit

Rapid River Raceway, or R3, is a pig racing circuit in River County.  It was the first pig racing track in 2nd World, and continues to be the only one in River County.  The track never saw much success due to the difficulty of manuevering pigs around the small course.  Recent talks have been made to convert the track into a horse racing circuit.


Rapid River has no services like medical, but policing is provided by the River County Sheriff's Office stationed in nearby Riverbend.  Besides the raceway and rail depot, the only business in town is the, Everfree Everything Store.  It is well stocked and has a good array of material considering the size of the town.  It is located at the northeast end of town.