Redwood, Northern Country
Vital statistics
Type City
Level 4
Location Northern Country
Inhabitants Citizens
Redwood was a city in western Northern Country and part of the Seahurst - Redwood metro area.  

Redwood's downtown was right against the waterfront of Lake Redwood.  It separated Redwood from Seahurst. The downtown core was mostly office buildings, but recent plans involved the development of new shops along the waterfront and along the Sunset Highway.  The city also had the largest known mixed use building in the Seahurst - Redwood Metro area.  


Redwood was founded by USAPatriot after Seahurst.  The city's growth was fueled by Seahurst's success, and while Seahurst focused mainly on commercial growth, Redwood had office growth.  Because of this, the skyline and downtown of Redwood is actually more dence then sprawling Seahurst.  The city continued to expand west of downtown as well as north, and urban living downtown became very important to the growth of downtown Redwood.

City ServicesEdit

Redwood enjoyed many city services including a growing commercial sector along and off the Sunset Highway.  It was also extremely close to Seahurst which had the more shopping then any other city in 1st World.  

Redwood had a city hall and large school district separate from Seahurst's.  The Redwood Police Department has a large headquarters and jail downtown.  There was also a hospital downtown.  Homes surrounded the city to the west and north of downtown.  

The city had several parks including Border Lake which separated Northern Country from the rural Jadeon Kingdom to the south.


The Sunset Highway was the largest road that runs by the town west to east.  The city was also at the junction of a road that travelled north for further expansion and to the remote town of Bragernway.  Numerous roads branch out from downtown and road travel is easy, well lit, and documented with signs.

The train station in Seahurst was the closest rail station and was a few minutes walk from downtown Redwood.