Ricario Sea
Ricario Sea is located near the top of this map by Rubicon.
Vital statistics
Type Geographic Location
Level Sea
Location Northern Country
Inhabitants Sea Life
The Ricario Sea was a major sea connected to the Orman Sea.  The sea has many important settlements including Rubicon and Davis.  Ships travel through the Ricario Sea and Orman Sea to get to Port Orman.  The Sea  The Ricario Sea is completely encompassed by Northern Country.

The Racario Sea was heavily patrolled by the Nothern Country Navy which controlled the waters.  The Navy's headquarters was located southeast of Rubicon and there was always a number of vessels docked and patrolling.


Exploration of the sea was fairly limited at first as ships only travelled from Rubicon to Davis.  Soon explorers from Port Orman wanted to see if there was a direct sea route to locations such as Fort Nick and Rubicon.  The explorers were able to find a direct route from Port Orman to Rubicon.  Larger ships from the Northern Country Territorial Exploratory Service began to explore the region and found it was easily possible to get from Port Orman to Rubicon.  A section where the sea was broken up by smaller islands, Northern Country officials decided to break up the sea into two.  The Orman Sea to the east and the Ricario Sea to the west around Rubicon.  



Rubicon was the largest city on the Ricario Sea.

Rubicon is the largest city on the Ricario Sea followed by Davis.  Davis actually has more shipping traffic due to the large ship construction and dry docks in the city.  

Twin Lake Terrace and Gregory Bay are also located on the sea.


The Gregory Bay Lighthouse located on Gregory Bay is the best known lighthouse along the Racario Sea.  It was built by USAPatriot. 

The largest lighthouse on the Ricario Sea is the Twin Lake Terrace Light.  


Boat traffic constantly on the moved in the Ricario Sea.

The Northern Country Ferry Service had a ferry route from Port Orman to Rubicon as well as a route from Davis to Rubicon.