River County
Map of River County.
Vital statistics
Type Regional Jurisdiction
Level County
Location Nation of Aurum, 2nd World
Inhabitants Unknown
River County is a county located in the Nation of Aurum.  The county seat and largest city is Riverbend.  The county was the first county created in the Nation of Aurum and is famous for being the starting point for users in 2nd World in Grand Junction.


Major geographic features are located in River County including the Rapid River, which runs east to west through Riverbend and Grand River.  The large Mannulus Lake is located south of Grand Junction.  The majority of the county is forested grassland except for the rugged Gateway Mountains in the eastern part of the county.  A small marshland dips into the county as does some, but the majority if it lies in Bravern County to the north.


The county all lies within a cool, temperate region which is subject to rain showers and electrical storms during the summer around Grand Junction.    The county becomes less wet the further south you head, and allows for ares such as Truss Valley to grow different types of crop.


Riverbend is the main media outlet source in the county.