Rockwell, Rockwell County, Nation of Aurum
Vital statistics
Type City
Level 5
Location Rockwell County, Nation of Aurum, 2nd World
Inhabitants Citizens
Rockwell is the largest city and the county seat of Rockwell County in the Nation of Aurum, 2nd World.  The city's downtown is located on the Rapid River while the Arena and industrial area is located on the Cordova River.  The city is a leading economic and transportation hub for the Nation of Aurum.  Fort Cordova is north of the city.


Rockwell was built as a trading post south of the Rockwell Stone & Mining Company.  Peace Road connected to the quarry then further north into a small settlement.  The Rockwell Highway was soon constructed and connected the settlement to early day Riverbend.  Development grew around the current day Scootaloo's store as a residential neighborhood was built to the west.  The downtown formed along the Rapid River and urbanization continued eastward, northward, and westward.  

A downtown boom began early on with the construction of many elaborate high rises used for office buildings.  The Rockwell Arena was built and more development began around that area.  



Downtown Rockwell.

Because Rockwell is the county seat of Rockwell County, there are many services here.  Located downtown is the Rockwell County Government Building which houses the Rockwell County Sheriff's Office.

The Rockwell City Hall is located downtown and the Rockwell Police Department is located along the Rapid River. The Rockwell Medical Hospital is located downtown.

Rockwell has several schools, a college, a library, churches, and Rockwell Arena.  The Interactive Minging museum, the first museum to ever be built, is located at the east end of town.  The Rockwell Art Museum was the second museum to be built in the Nation of Aurum and 2nd World and is located downtown.


  • Arena District Grab 'n' Go Snax Shoppe
  • Arena Sports Grill & Bar
  • Ashcroft Fencing
  • Aurum National Bank
  • Bank of Aurum
  • Brassfield Bakery
  • Central Hotel
  • Cozy Book Nook
  • Crafty Crafts & Supply Shop
  • Dim's Lighting
  • Eastend Eats
  • Grand Central Bank
  • Hauling-Dash Moving Service
  • Holbrek Technologies
  • Home Supply Superstore
  • Kaufmann Cafe
  • Knowledge Books
  • Northpointe Outfitters
  • Ogden's Tavern
  • Quick Clothing
  • Quicken Hardware
  • Rockwell Fabric Supply
  • Rockwell Jewelers
  • Rockwell Souvenir
  • Sanford Foods
  • Scootaloo's
  • Side Street Bakery
  • Stadium Team Shop
  • The Brick Cafe
  • The Family Restaurant
  • The Small Shop In The Big City
  • The Waterside Inn
  • Twilight Books
  • Winston & Associates


The local newspaper for Rockwell is the Rockwell Herald which is distributed daily throughout the county and nationally to buyers who wish to purchase it. 

Rockwell News Channel 7 is the local television affilate for the county.  It has an audience within Rockwell County, Cordova County, Tulane County, Peace County, and southern parts of the Nation of Telmar.


The Rockwell Highway comes in from the west and connects to the city.  The highway is the main route leading into the city center from the west.  This route connects Rockwell to major population centers like Riverbend, Timberline, and Westport.  The Union Highway connects the city from the north and reaches into Cordova County, with spur roads leading to Tulane County.  Peace Road heads south out of the city and goes into Peace County.

Several major arterials weave through the city center.

The Rockwell Train Station was the first elevated rail station in the Nation of Aurum and 2nd World.  It is the main train station in the city of Rockwell and connects to major cities throughout the nation and beyond.  It is possible to get a train ticket from Rockwell to as far away as Southpoint.


Rockwell has several parks ranging from small in size to large and expansive.  One of the most famous parks in all of 2nd World is located in Rockwell and it is Ashcroft Park.  Below is a list of city parks.

  • Alwin Pond Park
  • Ashcroft Park
  • Little Urban Park
  • Pier Plaza
  • Rapid River Park
  • Urban Forest Park